Effective skills to empower, help you feel safer and to make clear decisions

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Introducing Chris Futcher-Coles

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Chris believes, every woman, man and child should be able to feel safe in their own homes, within relationships, on the street, at school and at work.

We should never lose sight of the influence we have as a business, we form boys into fine men, girls into self-assured women. We offer women, children and men a feeling of safety, fitness and belonging.


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Personal Safety & Self Defence Training

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The Sydney Self Defence Centre, where the foundation of Yi Quan Kung Fu and Qi Gong for Life, help to change lives. STAY SAFE Personal Safety Australia, workshops and programs designed for schools, the workplace, the community and at home.


Our diverse range of clients


Our workshops teach empowerment, effective decision making, predator/prey relationships, relationship dangers, conflict resolution, exit strategies, body language, physical self defence and if you have no other choice combat skills as well as coping techniques, relaxation, effective communication, teamwork and fear management.



Our workshops fit the many and varied requirements of Youth Inter-agency and all Working Groups, Seniors Safety Activities, Women’s Groups, Council Community Safety, Youth At Risk, Domestic Violence Survivors Help Back, Links to Learning as well as many other programs for the Physically and Mentally Challenged members of our Communities.



Violence, whether it happens within the workplace or outside of it, can cause considerable harm to employee morale, increase work-related stress, and decrease the overall level of workplace harmony, not to mention the potential human resources and compensation issues.

Taking steps to keep your employees safe and healthy by implementing wellness programs and on-the-job safety training is not only the right thing to do for your employees, but it’s in the best interest of your company’s own fiscal health, longevity and success.


Schools, Colleges & Universities

The sessions cover content that is specific to the dangers of the age and gender of the group, we tailor our programs to suit your students and what they may be currently facing and to prepare them for what could possibly lie ahead.

The programs contain both physical and non physical components and depending on the group, we can include stress management and healthy habit elements.


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White Ribbon Australia


Since 2012 Chris was a White Ribbon Ambassador, now a White Ribbon Australia Community Partner and on the NSW White Ribbon Committee. As part of his passion to stop Men’s Violence against women he visits schools, events and workplaces to spread the message to put an end to violence against women and families.

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Inner West Council

“The former Marrickville Council has utilised the services of the Sydney Self Defence Centre for the Rangers and Parking Officers `Stay Safe Program’ for over 8 years. This program is attended by our Rangers and Parking Officers every 8 weeks, on an ongoing basis. It has been highly beneficial as noted by all staff, especially … Continue reading Inner West Council

Protecting your family

It is what we worry about most, the safety of our family both at home and out. Here are some tips to keep them safe. Be aware Avoid dangerous places Use you body language etc etc etc These are some of the thing you can do