STAY SAFE Programs

The Sydney Self Defence Centre is a provider of STAY SAFE Personal Safety and Self Defence Programs for both adults and children in Community Centers, Non-Profit Organisations, Schools, Colleges, Corporate and Councils in New South Wales and Interstate.

We provide STAY SAFE workshops for any ‘At Risk’ Group within our community. We are not about violence, we abhor violence, our aim is to arm the community with all the information required to Stop People from Hurting Us.

STAY SAFE Personal Safety and Self Defence workshops teach empowerment, effective decision making, predator/prey relationships, relationship dangers, conflict resolution, exit strategies, body language and physical self defence as a last resort. Programs can also include coping techniques, relaxation, effective communication, teamwork and fear management.

The principle outcomes of the personal safety sessions is that your community members or employees feel more positive about what they ‘can do’. Gaining appropriate and empowering verbal and physical skills to respond positively to potentially violent and dangerous situations.

The skills gained reduce the possibility of a member either passively accepting or conversely reacting in an overly negative violent manner to threatening or intimidating behavior.

Last year we taught effective self-defence skills to 20 – 25,000 clients at other locations outside our Academy.

The STAY SAFE Personal Safety and Self Defence workshops are designed to target the specific dangers the group may face. So please do get in touch to discuss your needs and what risks you, your community or your workplace may be facing.