Inner West Council

“The former Marrickville Council has utilised the services of the Sydney Self Defence Centre for the Rangers and Parking Officers `Stay Safe Program’ for over 8 years.

This program is attended by our Rangers and Parking Officers every 8 weeks, on an ongoing basis. It has been highly beneficial as noted by all staff, especially in building their levels of confidence and the understanding of human behaviour.

The manoeuvres, techniques and knowledge gained during these ongoing sessions have now become instinctive for the Officers and this has been demonstrated in several actual situations.

Chris is an outstanding trainer, totally professional, personable and extremely knowledgeable. He has been an essential element in Councils commitment to improve the skill levels of Officers, in order for them to effectively reduce confrontation and to keep themselves safe on the street.

I would highly recommend the services provided by Chris and his team.”
Graeme Palmer
Parking and Ranger Services Manager
Inner West Council